Lodge Room

We have three lodges available with a total of 30 rooms. One of these is co-ed lodges while one is an all-female lodge and one is all-male lodge. Each separate lodge contains 9-11 bedrooms, share toilets and showers, common kitchen and lounge/dining areas.

The common area includes: TV, iron, portable clothes line (for drying clothes), fridge, freezer, kettle, toaster, microwave and oven.

Each room contains a bed (with bedding provided for short term stay only), wardrobe, bookshelf, desk, chair, heater and desk lamp.



  • (Electricity, gas, water and hot water are included)
  • From $210/week for interior single room (window cannot open towards outside)
  • From $230/week for exterior single room (window can open towards outside)
  • The above rates apply at least three months fixed term contract.
  • $50/night casual rate


  • LAUNDRY(Washing machine and dryer cost $3 each per load)
  • PHOTOCOPYING, scanning and printing service (with additional charge)
  • WIRELESS internet connection (with additional charge)
  • CAR PARK inside the building (with additional charge)